Scientific Program

Up to 3 sessions will be held in parallel.
The official language of the Conference is English.

Sessions in French will be held on a parallel room on Friday, September 25.
Allard lecture will be given by Luc TYTGAT,
Director, Strategy and Safety Management Directorate, EASA


Clinical medecine
Mental health / PSP-EPPSI
Aeromedical screening
Cardiovascular assessment
Sleep illnesses
Visual assessment
Neurological and cognitive assessment
Age-limit in pilots
Drug and alcohol testing
Occupational health
Human performance
Fatigue management
Stress management
Hypoxia and hypobaric exposure
Neck and back pain
In-flight and simulator training
Travel and air transport medecine
Medical evacuation
Aviation accidents
High-performance aircraft ejections
EASA, LAPL and Basic Med experience
Space medicine
Medical screening
New technologies
Mission to Mars or to the Moon
AME Training
European refreshing course
Case reports discussion
Young aviation medicine researchers


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